Although this article is true

It’s unrealistic. It’s not as simple as getting another doctor. A lot of people’s insurance only pays for certain doctors. In my case, I’m on Medicaid. I’m stuck with only the doctors (when it comes to a general practitioner), that have pretty much “sold out” to the Government, and have protocol guidelines they follow. Regardless of how I tell them I’m feeling, I don’t get the right care for my condition. The same is true with my Cardiologist (one of a very few that take Medicaid). I guess my point here is, there are many other factors going into the mix here. I’ve also been the victim of the “pass the patient” game for over a year now. The reason? Because I have 3 arteries blocked in my heart. 2 at 50% and my Circumflex artery at 65% (the one wrapping from front to back). This gives me extreme angina, and a constant pain accompanying it, with breathlessness and dizziness. Since their
protocol says that they won’t do anything for it until it’s 70% blocked, regardless of my quality of life, they continue to ignore the issue, and pass me on from one specialist to another.. So now, I’m still not treated…suffering,… and trying to make it to a myriad of useless appointments.
My story is only one of thousands!!!

I am a year older than you are

I understand what you are talking about. I was on coreg at one time with another medicine to help keep my pulse down so I could have a high resolution ct scan. I wish you all the best just please for your own sake be very careful. I wish I had guts you had to try that, but one time I missed one dosage of just one of my meds and the next day I had both of my heart attacks and I did not plan on missing that. I take 24 pills a day. So please be careful.

What does this med do for you?

I’ve been on corg about 2 weeks and so far I don’t know what it is doing for me if anything. I am still in afib with a high heart beat.


Anyone else feel dizzy a lot on Coreg?

The side effects I experienced were:

– Hair Loss
– Loss of Libido
– Weight Gain

I convinced my doctor to change my prescription to the lowest possible dosage (3.25mg) last month and small positive changes are occurring.

I am sorry

I know it seems like I am always asking for prayers, but I believe so strongly in them.

I just got back from the doctor and things are NOT good – I have heart failure, the electrical part of my heart has gone crazy, and I have been diagnosed with COPD (and no, I don’t smoke).

The doctor says if we can’t get this figured out and quickly, I won’t live long.

I’m scared.
I’m really scared. I see a specialist on Thursday.

I have to go on oxygen (at this point my Breathing is so bad, I’m happy to get some).

I tend to agree

I do think older men, esp married for many years to the same woman, have some change in response, but when masturbating, should get better response. I suspect that even with masturb. if it is done frequent (notice I didn’t say too much), perhaps the refractory period necessary for a subsequent resonse might be lengthened and result in lmited response.

I am not a big believer in psychological causes for ED

Especially if you don’t get hard when you masterbate. It’s got to be physical.

Didn’t read the entire thread

but I do think that for those of us having regular sex, to include regular masturbation, which often includes input from all the hot porn out there, I do think we affect our response, but doing it so often, to some degree. I know my response is greater if it’s been a couple days, but if I just got off this morning, this evening is gonna be a little tougher. Not like when I was 20, but I suspect in some ways better, at least now I don’t blow too soon. (A figure of speech, with no prostate any more, I just have orgasms, don’t blow anything, and I miss the hell out of that)

My father had what was termed a light heart attack and then

open heart surgery about four months ago. They did a triple by-pass. He is 72 year old and has diabetes which is under control. I took him back later to the doctor who performed the open heart and told him that my father was still very weak and having some pain. His only reply was that “His heart is good” and said that when he had healed he would be “a new man” He was released to go back to work or do anything he wanted to do without restrictions. He suffered from the cut a lot, but seemed to be getting better without complications. He has not regained his strength though and tires very easily. Three days ago he buy azithromycin (generic zithromax) and dragged the trash borrow back up to the house and began having deep chest pains. That night he began throwing up and was very pale, but would not go to the doctor. He got sick again the following night. Yesterday he seemed better and said his chest was not hurting like it was though he was pretty pale. He is afraid to go to the doctor because he is afraid they will do another open heart on him. He denies there is anything serious wrong. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this or what could have gone wrong? Could there be a problem with a graft? My sister thinks he might have had another heart attack that first night he got sick.

Depression is one thing that will lower your testosterone

seritonine, and many other needed chemicles to atain an erection. Also low self esteem will.

I think it is all physiology.

I doubt that I have any psychological problems. I think that I am about ready for a pump. or an implant.

If you’re 61 and really in terrific shape

meaning also cardiovascular health, blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels, cholesterol (LDL <100, and HDL >45), triglycerides, and hormone levels (testosterone), you should NOT have significant ED. Generally psychological problems cause performance anxiety and ED in a conjugal sexual situation, but NOT in private masturbation. Do you get wood at night? Or wake up with a hardon? Is your libido OK (i.e., are you “horny”)?

Always good to work on mental health, but I’d get checked out by your internist or family doc. Good luck.

I am not far away from you

I think that the next step may be an implant. Drugs can only take you so far.

I have used AndroDerm

the patch, and AndroGel from canadian pharmacy. I became sensitive to the patch and could not use it after about six months. I don’t thine the gel in the patch is harmfull if you are getting it on your skin on occasion. Daily, would be another matter as it is designed to get through the membrane at a controlled rate (mimmicking the way the body makes testosterone with a high spike in the a.m. and gradually dropping off throughout the day); directly on the skin, I would think, would be a quick, large dose.

I like the gell. I don’t have to shave the part of the body I apply it to, and I don’t have to change the placement area either. I just pump three pumps onto my hand and smear it onto my opposite shoulder, then repeat for the other shoulder. I dries w/in 5 minutes, I put on my shirt and I am good to go.

Psychological Reasons

For too many years this has been going on; perhaps it has even gotten worse. I’m 61 yo and in terrific shape. I don’t even get an erection when I masturbate and around others, I get nothing. Viagra doesn’t help much… if at all actually. So I’m curious, now, what clinical psychological reasons could there be. I.e., are there classic reasons for this sort of thing? Specific fears?

A little input on my Cryo

I was told it would have the least effect on ED. And the Cryo site also led the same direction. Nope. It froze a lot more than the prostrate I feel. Cant prove it though. I have had three years to regain strength in my legs. I have the restless leg crap at night, Impotence, different bowel movement , depression, lost my job, and other crap. They said the cancer was microscopic but there and suggested this method because of fast recovery and rehab. I was assured that the new drugs work great. NOPE.
On the positive side it was quick and recovered and back to light work in 10 days.

Does manual stimulation work?

Does having your wife or lover stimulate you manuall or orally help you perform? Does other forms or foreplay help? I am 58 and at the point where manual stimulation helps sometimes but not all of the time. It seems to be slowly progressing. I guess most men start slowing down slightly at a very young age. However, mine was not a significant issue until about 10 years ago. If manual stimulation works for you, does the woman ever get tired of all of the effort?

Of course!

There is also a video called “Female Orgasm Mastery” available from ideagasms (I will put a link for this if the moderator permits it). It is all about how to bring your girl to a huge orgasm using everything except the penis. You can shine shine shine. I also found great stuff by a writer called “David Shade” about sexual techniques that dont require penis.

Just for the record I have no invested interest in any company or anyting before anyone jumps to a conclusion. These products have sure done me a massive favour.

Even if you dont want to lean off books or DVD’s learning to be really great with mouth and fingers (Not to mention the huge variety of sex toys that are on sale) will without any doubt at all make your beloved feel wonderful.


canadian-pharmacyno nick! it did not affect my blood pressure. it may have enlarged my prostate, but i do not think so, as i have had trouble with not voiding my bladder enough for a lot of yrs.when i was on andro-gel i worked up from a low dose to the 10 g. (try – canadian pharmacy, cheap generic meds without prescription online) i was taking untill i quit.the uro. never monitored my andro. use so i worked up the dosage as i felt like it .i quit be-cause of the cost. if in may my prostate gets opened up i will try and go back on it, as life was a lot fuller for me. it did not help my e.d. but it gave me the desire. without useing it viagra did not work for me.if interested i will post if cialis works for me now that im not on ando-gel.i fhink this post is more than you wanted to know.

Does giving oral sex to your wife or girlfriend satisfy her

I have heard that some women like receiving oral more than regular sex.
Perhaps this where an impotent man can shine

Your uro should have explained the use of syringes and dosages

I use TRIMIX #5 mixture and use .08 cc per injection. A 10 ml vial is good for about 100 injections and costs about $101 including shipping from Franck’s Pharmacy in Ocala, FL.

I use .5 CC syringes with a no. 29 1/2″ needle to be sure I get all the way thru the cavity wall.

Prostoglandin vs Trimix?

Anybody have experience injecting prostoglandin by itself and not trimix? My uro will perscribe the one but not the other. Cannot afford the caverject anymore.

BTW dosage 20mg/cc 1-2cc per use. Does that sound right?

Thanks for your opinions.

I know the nature of my ED is medical

It waxes and wanes with another medical problem I have. I don’t need advice and didn’t ask Claudio for it he just popped up and started by asking me if I had ED. A rude question even considering where he got my blog handle. Then he proceeded to give a long obstreperous, if in print lecture. To which I answered to points “yes”, and “no”. Then he proceeded to tell me how to conduct sexual intercourse without ejaculating.

I used to be able to do that but, I am happy just to be doing it now, much like many others on this board. I have been to very good doctors who have helped. I read this and several other boards and look for help. If Claudio wanted to carry on a friendly conversation and eventually share his experience(i.e. generic tadalafil, cialis, viagra etc.) on how TM had helped him I would have just read politely and thanked him and left. But as everyone here seems to know that is not his method.

I am saying this just to explain what was done. I really don’t, as I just told him want a running debate on this. No insult, just a tag on actions “TROLL”. If he stops doing it he won’t be. If he doesn’t I suspect someone will have to ban him as effectively as possible.

I post very seldom and if this becomes a problem I will remove my profile from the offending group and go my way. I don’t need guys like him coming in my front door. I am 55 and old enough to conduct my own sexual affairs without someone explain them to me uninvited. Rude under any circumstances.

I wrote this just to let the all know what the offence really was. It is the very last I write. Unless a post is directly sent to me by other members than Claudio, I will not respond again.

Biologically speaking each and every human

beings body is controlled by his or her genetic make-up. The body will reach a hormonal production peak in both men and women, regardless of the number of times you orgasmed or ejaculated.

With women, the menopause period varies from late 30’s to early 60’s. This isn’t because she tried to abstain from sex or was a nun or tried to block her mestrual cycle. The body only follows the genetic clock. The same with men, the body will continue to produce copius amounts of semen until a period called Andropause begins to occur and then the amount of semen produced will slowly and gradually decline. Again this age can vary in men as early as age 35 and as late as into the 70’s.

Your guru-ish and latent purient philosophies are based upon ancient myths and have little or no real value in a scientific or biologically based world.

The problem with masturbation is over time

it will weaken your kidneys and when you are older you may experience impotence and frequent urination. In the ancient and well respected chinese culture, they said that the older you get, masturbation will take its toll on your health.

men who practice tantra or ‘semen retention’ often remain vital and have strong sex drive into their 70’s and 80’s. But men who masturbate often are prone to hair falling out and weakened mental clarity.

I used to masturbate quite a bit when I was younger, but what I noticed was that I was addicted to the feelings of sexual arousal, and would sometimes masturbate a few hours after having sex with a woman.

Anyway, I think that cultivation of sexual energy rather than dumping it will only increase your quality of life physically and mentally.

good luck